How do I create a sub-account?

Navigate to the "Sub-Accounts" menu, click "+ New Sub-Account" and enter in: sub-account name, payout address and payout address label.

Only users with the "owner" user role may create a sub-account on the Foundry USA Pool. A sub-account name, payout address and payout address label are required in order to create a new sub-account. 

Steps to create a new sub-account:

  1. Navigate the the "Sub-Accounts" menu on the left-hand side
  2. Press" +  New-Subaccount" and enter in the following details:
    1. Name of the sub-account
    2. Payout address label/name
    3. BTC address (legacy and segwit accepted) 
  3. You may connect your miners to your new sub-account immediately to begin earning your BTC rewards.
  4. As a reminder, all new payout addresses are whitelisted by our finance and compliance teams and will not pay rewards until approved
    1. In general, our whitelisting approval process takes 48 business hours from submission to approval. 
  5. Reusing an existing, whitelisted BTC address from another sub-account will payout your BTC rewards to the address during our next earnings window, provided the total earnings from all sub-accounts using that address are  > 0.01BTC.